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Online Forms

An informed consent and emergency contact form must be filled out online and submitted electronically through our website. Children who do not have a signed form on file are not permitted to attend day camp programs. These forms are only required to be filled out once for the 2021 Summer Day Camp season and will be kept on file. 


*Please Note: You must complete this form for EACH CHILD attending an event once per calendar year.

Nerf Capture the Flag Event Behaviour Expectation Waiver

Our Nerf events are a recreational fun activity that are meant to provide an atmosphere of teamwork, camaraderie and be enjoyable for all participants.

To ensure that kids understand this please read through the following rules and expectations together with your child prior to the event. Sign the behaviour expectation waiver and return with you to the event. Kids that consistently are breaking the rules and not playing in the intended spirit of the event will be asked to leave. Thank you for your understanding and for working together with us to ensure these events are fun and enjoyable for all kids!


  1. The rules will be outlined to the group at the beginning of each event. The rules are not negotiable and kids are expected to follow them. Consistent failure to do so will result in removal from the field and the game.

  2. Name calling, swearing, unsportsmanlike remarks will not be tolerated. 

  3. Any type of purposeful harmful physical conduct (pushing, hitting etc.) is not allowed for any reason.

  4. Accidents do happen (nerf darts do sometimes fly and hit above the chest for example) so everyone is expected to be understanding of that and not run to the staff member for every single perceived infraction. 

  5. The staff member running the event is in charge and has the authority to ensure that the rules are being followed and to remove kids that are not playing fairly or breaking any of the rules. 

Photo Consent: I hereby consent to the use of and grant to the Nustadia Recreation Inc. the right to use, for the purposes of promoting the recreational programs or services, any photographs taken of the minor specified above while they attend the daycamp program may be used for future publications & promotions. I grant such consent as parent and/or guardian to the above minor pursuant to Section 17(2)(a) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. I understand no other personal information about the minor will be released by the Nustadia Recreation Inc. without my permission.

Photo Consent

Thanks for submitting!

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