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The registration fee is $45 per person and includes prizes for top 2 teams in each division. Partner is required and full name must be provided at time of registration.
5 round robin games guaranteed (additional playoff games for qualified teams)
Both partners are required to register separately.

Please ensure that you familiarize yourself with the tournament rules below.


The Field House is looking forward to hosting you at our upcoming Pickleball Tournament. Participants are asked to familiarize themselves with the following to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


This is a recreational tournament to provide an opportunity for participants to play the game they love against opponents that may have never faced, get active and have FUN!


Players should arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the scheduled tournament start time but no more than
45 minutes prior as courts may not be ready.


After players have checked in, they may use the available courts to warm up, being mindful that there may be others waiting on the sidelines for a warmup time also.


Cavalry FC Field House Pickleball Tournaments follow a Round Robin format followed by playoffs for the top 4 teams seeded in each level. Levels that have many teams registered may be divided into pools. In that case, round robin games will be played only between the teams in each pool. The playoff round will involve a crossover of the top 4 teams in each pool.


A minimum number of 6 teams must be registered at a level (example 2.5, 3.0, 3.5) for that level to run in the tournament. In the case that a specific level does not meet the minimum required number of teams the Field House reserves the right to combine levels. A combined level will only involve moving teams up or down one tier at maximum. For example, a combination of those registered in 2.5 and 3.0 or 3.5 and 4.0. Players at the lesser level will be informed prior to the tournament of the change and are encouraged to continue their participation, however, they may pull out if they so choose. 


Playoff seeding will be determined based on the results in the round robin based on win-loss records. If there is a tie, then the tie is broken based on head-to-head matches. If there is still a tie, then the tie is broken based on point differential. If a tie remains after point differential, then the tie is broken by head-to-head point differential. If a tie remains, then the final tie breaker is by point differential against the next highest team. If your team does not advance to the playoffs round you are encouraged to remain and watch the final games.


Team numbers and the round robin schedule will be posted on the wall of the hard court. Upon your arrival on the hardcourt find your team number. The round robin schedule is for your reference only and will be followed in a way that keeps all courts full whenever possible. If your next match has been skipped over it may be that the team you are playing is still on the court. The coordinator will circle back and ensure all matches are played. Listen carefully for the coordinator calling out matches and court numbers.


In round robin play teams will play a minimum of 5 matches. Each match will consist of one game, first team to 11 points. The team that wins will report the score at the scoring table immediately after the game.


Playoff games will consist of a best of three games format with the third game only being played if necessary. Games will be the first team to 11 points (must win by two).



The team number listed/called first in the match may either choose (1) serve or receive, (2) which side to start on. If the selecting team picks serve or receive, the opposing team will choose sides. If the selecting team chooses sides, then the opposing team will pick serve or receive. Once a team has selected, the selection may not be changed.


Referees/Line Judges will only be used in the play-off games and when qualified volunteers are available to do so. During round robin play teams are expected to be aware of the rules and play in a fair manner.

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